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    This set of screwdrivers consists of both flat and phillips head screwdrivers.

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    This assortment of tools is great for those of you who are looking into exploring the micro-electronic world. This kit includes all the basic tools such as screwdriver wire cutter, wire stripper, digital multimeter, safety google, soldering iron, soldering stand, solder, de-soldering braid. 

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    This storage case is great for organizing components. This case is a 2 layer case with adjustable compartments. The overall dimension of this case is 22.5cm x 15.5cm x 6cm.

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    This digital caliper is made with carbon fiber composite making it extreamly durable. The minimum scale to read on this caliper is 0.1mm (0.01”). 

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    This gold plated 1" x 6" ruler is extremely handy for prototyping as it has most of the common component packages imprinted right on it.  It also has font size guide, trace-width diagram, and a set of AWG-sized drills so you can gauge your wire thicknesses.

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    These are great little pliers! A must have for any hobbyist or electrical engineer. Crucial for inserting devices into bread boards and bending pins. 4" long.

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    This is a 6" heavy duty plier, great for handling electronic components!

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    The Hakko precision plier is a needle nose style plier which works extremely well due to its smooth jaw and grip.

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    Mini Diagonal Cutters. These are great little cutters! A must have for clipping leads and extra solder tails. 4" long.

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    Due to the shape of the Plato diagonal cutter it give you the ability to cut very straight and fine ends.

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    This wire stripper gives you the ability to strip all kinds of different wires! Instead of the traditional pre-set AWG holes, this wire stripper uses the manual adjustment method.

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    Wire strippers are an essential part to any hacker’s arsenal and are able to strip 30AWG wire wrap wire nicely as well as the standard 22AWG hook up wire.

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    These are extremely handy and comfortable to use wire strippers from Hakko. These are an essential part to any hacker’s arsenal and are able to strip 30AWG wire wrap wire nicely as well as the standard 22AWG hook up wire.  

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    The JX-1301 is a self-adjusting insulation wire stripper. It is designed to strip wires efficiently by allowing the user to set the desired stripping length and strength. This tool can also be used as a wire crimper for 10 to 22AWG insulated terminals and 4 to 22AWG non-insulated terminals.  

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    These small knives work well for cutting traces, scraping ground pours, and guiding hair-like wires into their proper place. Excel knife comes with aluminum handle, one ultra-sharp blade, and safety cap.

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    If you use your hobby knife a lot, chances are you will need extra blades. These #11 blades are very sharp and good for trimming all sorts of things. Each pack comes with 5 blades that work with our hobby knife listed below.

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