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    This GSM Shield use the new A6 cellular module. The A6 cellular module is a low cost yet efficient chip. The A6 has low power consumption and a wide range of operating temperature making it ideal for different environments. With the GSM Shield you will be able to send and receive text message, as well as voice and data transmission. 

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    The Cellular GSM Shield provides an easy way to integrate the Arduino with a GSM network allowing you to make phones, send an SMS messages, or use cellular information for controlling applications. This GSM Shield is quad band device which supports 850/900/1800/1900MHz signals. This shield can be configured and controlled with the UART interface by using...

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    Introducing FONA 800 Shield, an adorable all-in-one cellular phone shield that lets you add voice, text, SMS and data to your project in an easy to use pluggable shield. This shield fits on top of any classic Arduino or compatible, and packs a surprising amount of technology into it's little frame. At the heart is a GSM cellular module (we use the latest...

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    The breakout is built around the MTK3339 chipset, a no-nonsense, high-quality GPS module that can track up to 22 satellites on 66 channels, has an excellent high-sensitivity receiver (-165 dB tracking!), and a built in antenna. It can do up to 10 location updates a second for high speed, high sensitivity logging or tracking. Power usage is incredibly low,...

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    Give your Feather a sense of place, with an Ultimate GPS FeatherWing. This FeatherWing plugs right into your Feather board and gives it a precise, sensitive, and low power GPS module for location identifcation anywhere in the world. As a bonus, the GPS can also keep track of time once it is synced with the satellites.

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    This module is the best way to add a GPS to your wearable project. It's part of the Adafruit Flora series of wearable electronics, designed specifically for use with the Flora motherboard. Installed on the PCB is the latest of our Ultimate GPS modules, a small, super-thin, low power GPS module with built in data-logging capability! This module's easy to...

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    This GPS Logger Shield is an easy way to inegrate GPS funcitions to the Arduino. This shield also has an onboard SD socket which can be used for data storage.

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    It's 10PM, do you know where your Raspberry Pi is? If you had this GPS HAT, you would! This new HAT adds our celebrated Ultimate GPS on it, so you can add precision time and location to your Raspberry Pi Model A+, B+, or Pi 2. We spun up a HAT based on our Ultimate GPS, added a coin-cell holder for RTC usage, break-outs for all the Raspberry Pi's extra...

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    This external GPS antenna is great for extending the GPS signal. It can be used directly with our GPS Shield to increase the signal reach. This GPS antenna is built with a high performance GPS patch antenna with a low noise amplifier, which will ensure excellent signal amplification and out-band-rejection for the receiver.

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    This adhesive, omni-directional antenna is perfect for situations when you’re trying to get a signal out from a transmitter that you’ve jammed down into an enclosure. Operating on the 2.4GHz band, it works great for WiFi, Bluetooth or ZigBee. Just connect the antenna using the attached u.fl connector and then peel and stick!

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    This is a quad band 800/900/1800/1900MHz GSM antenna for your DIY projects!

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    This is a fantastic find for SFE. A small, high-quality, quad-band, standard SMA terminated, cellular antenna.

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    This high gain, 7.75" antenna is perfect for AVL applications where cellular reception is a must. Connector is regular SMA so don’t confuse it with 2.4GHz antennas.

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