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    The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that lets you get creative with digital technology. Each order contains just the micro:bit board. You can code, customize and control your micro:bit from anywhere! You can use your micro:bit for all sorts of unique creations, from robots to musical instruments and more. At half the size of a credit card, you...

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    This starter kit comes with a variety of components to start exploring with the micro:bit. This kit is an add-on pack for the micro:bit and does not contain the board itself. 

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    This micro:bit deluxe starter kit comes with the micro:bit controller as well as many sensors and other components to get started with the micro:bit. Most components in the kit are modular based allowing it to be plugged directly into the micro:bit breakout board. This makes it extremely easy to start exploring with the micro:bit without having to worry...

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    This protective case for the micro:bit is made with silicone making it extremely durable. The case has all the ports on the micro:bit open while protecting the board with wire shorts. The case is specifically designed to allow the on-board LED matrix to be viewed when powered.

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    This is a prototyping add-on for the micro:bit. This board comes with solder-less breadboard and an on/off power switch making prototyping with the micro:bit extreamly easy.

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    This is a 4 channel relay add-on for the micro:bit. These relays can be used to turn on/off different applications such as lights, motors, LEDs, valves and many more. Each relay is rated for 240VAC 3A and have both the normally-open and normally-closed terminals.

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    This is a 1.8” graphic LCD add-on for the micro:bit. The resolution on the display is 160x128pixels and is capable of displaying 65K colors. This add-on uses the 23LC1024 SRAM which is used as a display cache limiting the “no more memory” problem. The display uses the SPI interface which greatly reduces the amount of I/O required. The backlight is also...

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    This is an add-on for the micro:bit for attaching a 16x2 character LCD. This board comes with a potentiometer for contrast control. There are 2x 3pin JST connector that maps a set of analog and digital port and 2x 4pin JST connector for the I2C & UART.

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    This is an add-on for the micro:bit for attaching it to a breadboard. This breakout board converts the I/O ports on the micro:bit into standard 2.54mm male headers. You can plug this breakout into any standard breadboard or attach female jumper wires to it for sensors and other parts which do not share the standard micro:bit connections.

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    This is a GPIO expansion board for the micro:bit. Not only does the GPIO expansion board converts the I/O ports on the micro:bit to standard 2.54mm male headers, it also extends the micro:bit ports allowing the user to use both the regular ports and the 2.54mm headers. 

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    This is an I/O breakout add-on for the micro:bit. This breakout board converts the micro:bit I/O pins into rows of 2.54mm male headers. The VCC & GND are each broken out into a row of 20pins where each individual I/O is broken out into 1 row making it extremely easy to connect sensors, controllers, drivers and many other modules to the micro:bit. The...

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    This sensor breakout board for the micro:bit is used to easily connect sensors which have the JST connectors. This breakout board converts the P0, P1, P2, P8, P12, P16, I2C & UART into easy to use JST connectors.

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