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    This tiny, button-type, vibrating motor shakes with a vibration amplitude of 0.75g and draws approximately 60 mA when 3 V is applied to its leads. The shaftless design keeps this motor small: 8 mm in diameter and 3.4 mm in height.  

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    These vibe motors are tiny discs, completely sealed up so they're easy to use and embed.  Two wires are used to control/power the vibe. Simply provide power from a battery or microcontroller pin (red is positive, blue is negative) and it will buzz away. Works from 2V up to 5V, higher voltages result in more current draw but also a stronger vibration.  

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    This tiny DC motor has a shaft with an offset mass that vibrates when it rotates. Motors like this are commonly found in cell phones and other devices that use vibration for tactile feedback. The motor has 1.5″ leads and is encased in a removable rubber sleeve that gives it flat surfaces for mounting and prevents it from chattering against whatever it is...

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    Apply 5V and be shaken by this small, but powerful vibration motor. Works great as an physical indicator without notifying anyone but the wearer. This version uses a surface mount motor which is less likely to be damaged during use.

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