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    The ESP32 is a perfect upgrade from the ESP8266 that has been so popular. In comparison, the ESP32 has way more GPIO, plenty of analog inputs, two analog outputs, multiple extra peripherals (like a spare UART), two cores so you don't have to yield to the WiFi manager, much higher-speed processor, etc. etc! We think that as the ESP32 gets traction, we'll...

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    This GSM/GPS module comes with both the antennas and power adapter. An active SIM card is required to operate the GSM module. You can make calls and send SMS over the cellular network after installing the SIM card. The GPS side of this module has 33 channels with tracking of -165 dBm. This module also features Bluetooth connectivity which can be...

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    The MLX90614 temperature sensor is a contactless infrared temperature sensor which can measure between -70 to 380°C. The field of view of this sensor is 35° with accuracy of ±0.5°C. This sensor is interfaced with the I2C communication making it extremely simply to work with any microcontrollers.

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    The ADS1115 is a 16-bit high precision, 860 samples/second analog to digital converter which interfaces though I2C. This ADC can be configured as 4 single-ended input channels or 2 differential channels. There is a programmable gain amplifier built in which can amplify up to 16 times the signal. 

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    Rotary encoders are used similarly to potentiometers. They’re different from potentiometers in that an encoder has full rotation without limits. This KY040 encoder use 20 pulse per cycle.

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    This water sensor uses a series of parallel wires exposed traces to measure water volume which than can be used to determine water level. The sensor can be operated at 3.3 to 5V with an analog output which can be directly interfaced with many microcontroller. 

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    The ADXL335 is a triple axis MEMS accelerometer with extremely low noise and power consumption. The sensor has an analog output with full sensing range of +/-3g.

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    The MPU-9250 IMU Breakout features the latest 9-axis MEMS sensor from InvenSense. The MPU-9250 combines both the MPU-6500 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope as well as the AKB963 3-axis magnetometer. 

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    The TL1838 is an infrared receiver which operates on 38kHz.

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    This LED module is extremely easy to use since all the required resistors are already included in the board. The module uses the 5mm super bright common cathode LED and can be controlled with 5V. 

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    Field-Effect Transistor is a type of unipolar transistor which uses an electric field to control the conductivity of a channel.

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    This is a fairly large, 60 x 60 x 10mm fan. The fan has a DC brushless motor, with an operating voltage of 12V. Keeping the temperature down in your project can often be a necessity, and this fan can definitely help.

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    This USB to alligator cable separates the power lines from the USB in to alligator clips. The total length of the cable is 50cm.   

  • CAD$4.20 In Stock

    This USB to alligator cable separates the power lines from the USB in to alligator clips. The total length of the cable is 50cm.   

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    This pack of 10 alligator to jumper wire is great for attaching things to the breadboard. You can also split the wire into different configuration.

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    The Yunn Shield is designed to solve the Internet connectivity and storage issue for Arduino Board. Yun Shield runs Open Source OpenWrt system (Same system as runs in Arduino Yun) and it is fully compatible with Arduino IDE v1.5.4 or later.

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