25D Gear Motor with Encoder (12V 125RPM)


This high torque gear motor is equipped with a hall effect encoder to help users adjust the speed of the motor. Even though this is a high torque motor, the sound it generate is very low! There are 2 outputs on the encoder where the first output can monitor the speed and direction of the motor and the second output can adjust the speed in a closed loop circuit.


Product Description

The encoder output 2 signals with 90 degree phase difference. There are 334 pulses on each of the signal for every 360 degree cycle. With rising & falling edge, you can get a total of 1336 signals for every revolution, with an interval of 360/1336=0.2694 degree.


  • Operating Voltage for Motor: 6 – 24VDC
  • Operating Voltage for Encoder: 5VDC
  • Motor Length: 65 mm
  • Motor Diameter: 25 mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 4mm

Motor Rating @ 12V:

  • Current: 250mA
  • Motor Speed: 125RPM
  • Torque: 0.85kg*cm

Hookup Guide:

  • Yellow: Motor (+)
  • Orange: Motor (-)
  • Black: Encoder (-)
  • Red: Encoder (+)
  • Green: Signal A
  • White: Signal B
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