30V 3A Triple Output Benchtop Power Supply

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Benchtop DC Power Supply are often used in laboratory to provide continuous adjustable voltage and current. This is a CVCC (constant voltage constant current) three channel output power supply with floating ground. Two of the channels has an adjustable output voltage of 0 to 30VDC or 0 to -30VDC with an adjustable output current of 0 to 3A. The voltage and current are adjusted by a fine potentiometer where both the output are accurately displayed on the volt and amp meter. You can also switch between the parallel to series mode to combine the two channel into one, doubling the output voltage or current. The third channel has a constant output voltage of 5VDC with limited current of 3A.


  • Output Voltage
    • Adjustable Channels: 0 to 30VDC
    • Fixed Channel: 5V
  • Output Current

    • Adjustable Channels: 0 to 3A
    • Fixed Channel: 0 to 3A
  • Selectable Parrallel or Series Output Mode
  • Operating Voltage: 110V/220V 50/60Hz
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 degree C
  • Operating Humidity: <80%
  • Voltage Stability: <0.01% + 3mV
  • Loading Stability: <0.01% + 3mV
  • Recovering Time: <100uS
  • Ripple Noise: <1mV RMS
  • Temperature Coefficient: <300PPM

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