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9V 1.4A Boost Converter

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The compact (0.32 0.515 ) U3V12F9 switching step-up (or boost) voltage regulator takes an input voltage as low as 2.5 V and efficiently boosts it to 9 V. The pins have a 0.1 spacing, making this board compatible with standard solderless breadboards and perfboards.

These boost (step-up) voltage regulators generate higher output voltages from input voltages as low as 2.5 V. They are switching regulators (also called switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) or DC-to-DC converters) and have a typical efficiency between 80% to 90%. The available output current is a function of the input voltage, output voltage, and efficiency, but the input current can typically be as high as 1.5A.


  • Input Voltage: 2.5 to 9V
  • Output Voltage: 9V
  • Maximum Input Current: 1.4A
  • Typical Efficiency: 80 to 90%