Arduino Project Kit

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The Arduino Project Kit is a simple kit with many different components ranging from resistors to sensors. This kit includes the Arduino Uno Rev3 and breadboard compatible components which allows you to explore without soldering!


Kit Includes:

  • Essential Components
    • Arduino Uno Rev3 x1
    • USB Cable x1
    • Size Breadboard x1
    • 9V Battery Snap with DC Barrel Plug x1
    • Plastic Component Divider x1
    • 6 Jumper Wire (M-M) x40
  • Sensors
    • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor x1
    • Tilt Sensor x2
    • LM35DZ Temperature Sensor x1
    • IR Flame Sensor x1
    • CDR Light Sensor x2
  • Motors
    • Mini Servo Motor x1
    • DC Motor x1
  • Other Accessories
    • 16×2 Character LCD Display x1
    • 7 Segment White LED x1
    • 5mm Yellow LED x5
    • 5mm Green LED x5
    • 5mm Red LED x5
    • 5mm RGB (CC) LED x2
    • 50Kohm Potentiometer x1
    • 6mm Tactile Switch x4
    • TIP120 NPN Transistor x1
    • DC Buzzer x1
    • 1N4007 Diode x2
    • 390pF Capacitor x2
    • 1nF Capacitor x2
    • 220ohm Resistor x20
    • 680ohm Resistor x10
    • 1Kohm Resistor x10
    • 10Kohm Resistor x10
    • 470Kohm Resistor x10