IRLR8743 High Power Motor Driver (25A)

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This discrete MOSFET H-bridge motor driver enables bidirectional control of one high-power DC brushed motor. The compact 1.8 1.2-inch board supports a wide 5.5 to 30 V voltage range and is efficient enough to deliver a continuous 25 A without a heat sink. This version outputs an analog voltage proportional to the motor current, and an extra control input allows for coasting in addition to the driving and braking offered by the other Pololu high-power motor drivers.

The high-power motor driver is a discrete MOSFET H-bridge designed to drive large DC brushed motors. The H-bridge is made up of one N-channel MOSFET per leg, and most of the board s performance is determined by these MOSFETs (the rest of the board contains the circuitry to take user inputs and control the MOSFETs). The MOSFET datasheet is available under the Resources tab. The MOSFETs have an absolute maximum voltage rating of 30 V; higher voltages can permanently destroy the motor driver. Under normal operating conditions, ripple voltage on the supply line can raise the maximum voltage to more than the average or intended voltage, so a safe maximum voltage is approximately 24 V.


  • 5.5-30V operating voltage
  • 25A continuous current
  • 0.066V/A current sense
  • 40kHz PWM frequency
  • 5.5V logic voltage
  • 3.1 mohm MOSFET on-resistance (max per leg)


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