Leadfree Tip Tinner & Cleaner

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Tip tinner is a good thing to have in your arsenal of soldering supplies. Composed of a mild acid, it helps remove baked on residue (for when you melt your desk top) and helps prevent oxidation (the nasty black stuff) that accumulates on your soldering tip when not in use. Comes in a sealed 20 gram disk. This tinner is Lead Free.

How to Use:

  1. Turn soldering iron on to normal working temperature, hot enough to melt SAC305 (Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5) solder. Usually a soldering iron tip temperature of 700-800 Fahrenheit (370-425 Celsius) is appropriate. Allow iron tip to reach full operating temperature.
  2. Press iron tip into solid tip tinner/cleaner mixture.
  3. Allow a few seconds for some of the solid tip tinner/cleaner mixture to melt. As it melts it will clean the iron tip and then coat it with a protective layer of lead free alloy.
  4. Proceed to use your soldering iron as normal to solder joints.
  5. Repeat cleaning/tinning as often as necessary to keep tip clean and shiny, and prolong tip life.


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