Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets


Want to build your own robots, turn your ideas into prototypes, control devices with a computer, or make your own cell phone applications It s a snap with this book and the Arduino open source electronic prototyping platform. You ll quickly acquire the know-how and experience to invent your own cool gadgets.


Product Description

With Arduino, building gadgets with embedded system is easy, even for beginners. These tiny computers control functions in everything from cars to children s toys and mobile phones. Once you learn the basics, you ll build your first gadget in just a few days. Each learn-as-you-build project adds to your knowledge and skills. Among the many projects in this book, cool projects includes:

  • Stalker Guard a gadget with sensors to detect people approaching
  • Insect Robot an obstacle avoiding robot with sensors and motors
  • Interactive Painting an interactive slideshow you control with your hands
  • Boxing Clock a graphically rich timer clock on an Android phone
  • Remote for a Smart Home A way to control power outlets with Arduino
  • Soccer Robot A remote controlled, soccer playing robot


  • Experiment with Arduino, the popular microcontroller board
  • Build robots and electronic projects with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Turn your ideas into working physical prototypes
  • Use Android phones as remote controls in your projects
  • Work with a programming language created for artists, designers, and hobbyists
  • Get everyone involved, with projects that even beginners can build

About the Authors:

Tero Karvinenteaches Linux and embedded systems in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, where his work has also included curriculum development and research in wireless networking. He previously worked as a CEO of a small advertisement agency. Tero’s education includes a Masters of Science in Economics.

Kimmo Karvinenworks as a CTO in hardware manufacturer that specializes in integrated AV and security systems. Before that he worked as a marketing communications project leader and as a creative director and partner in advertisement agency. Kimmo’s education includes a Masters of Art.

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