Make: AVR Programming

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If you ve been using an Arduino in your projects and you need more speed, real-time response to external events, or the ability to multitask, it s time for you to take the next step. Learn to use the full power of the AVR microcontrollers that lie at the hearty of the wildly popular Arduino hardware.

The book will get you using Atmel s AVR series microcontrollers to their fullest. Discover how the AVR s built-in hardware peripherals can help you solve your project design problems. Take advantage of all that the AVRs have to offer; write your own programs in C, and work directly with the hardware rather than abstracting it away.

But AVR Programming is about more than just programming microcontrollers. This project-oriented book will also show you how to build circuits that interface with the outside world. Before long, you ll be applying what you ve learned and experimenting with new ideas!

In Make: AVR Programming, you ll learn microcontroller basics, but you ll also move on to intermediate and advanced projects:

  • Respond instantly to as many external events as your AVR has pins
  • Build an inexpensive footstep detector
  • Build circuitry to drive DC and stepper motors as well as other demanding loads
  • Make your projects talk by storing voice sample data in the AVR s non-volatile memory
  • Learn to speak SPI and I2C

About the Author:

Elliot Williams is a Ph.D. in Economics, a former government statistician, and a lifelong electronics hacker. He was among the founding members of HacDC, Washington DC’s hackerspace, and served as president and vice president for three years. He now lives in Munich, Germany, where he works for an embedded hardware development firm that has, to date, exactly one employee (and CEO). This book came out of his experiences teaching AVR programming workshops at HacDC.

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