MMA7260 & LISY300 - 6 DOF Atomic IMU

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The 6DOF Atomic is a stripped-down IMU, designed to give good performance. The unit can run as a hard-wired UART interface (0-3.3V, 115200bps), or optionally with an XBee RF module, and is powered from a single LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery. The processor is an Atmel ATMega328 running at 10MHz with 6 dedicated 10-bit ADC channels reading the sensors. Source code for the 6DOF Atomic is freely available and compiles with the free AVR GCC compiler.


All sensor readings are available through any terminal program in either ASCII or binary format, or with the 6DOF Atomic IMU Mixer demo application.


  • Input voltage: 3.4V to 10V DC
  • Current consumption: 24mA (75mA with X-bee)
  • Sensor bandwidth and resolution:
    • LISY300AL Gyros:
    • 88Hz, 0.977 Degree /s/tick (ADC count)
    • MMA7260Q Accelerometer:
    • 350Hz, X and Y axes
    • 150Hz, Z axis
    • 0.00403g/tick @ 1.5g
    • 0.00537g/tick @ 2g
    • 0.0107g/tick @ 4g
    • 0.0161g/tick @ 6g