RF M4 Receiver – Momentary Type


This is a RF M4 receiver operating in 315MHz frequency. You do not need any programming, or addressing to use these RF modules. Simply power the receiver with 5V and press the button on our matching keyfob. The first pin will activate when the A button is pressed on the keyfob, the second pin will activate when the B button is pressed, the third pin will activate when the C button is pressed, and the fourth pin will activate when the D button is pressed forth for all four buttons.


Product Description

When the button on the keyfob is pressed, than the corresponding pin on the receiver will output a HIGH voltage. Thus, the pin will output a LOW voltage when the button is released.


  • Supply Voltage: 5V
  • Supply Current: 4.5mA
  • Operating Frequency: 315MHz
  • 4 Independent Output
Part Number: PROWR-010515 Category: